Li Hing Mui Crack Seed Assortment Gift Box 3-Pack Bundle

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 3-Pack SALE Bundle 

For all you crack seed lovers out there, we have created the ultimate gift set. Mouth watering and sure to satisfy, this collection includes a dozen of our most popular products. Comes in a custom printed Snack Hawaii box. Order for yourself, or send one to a homesick Hawaiian living on the mainland or serving overseas.

Set includes:

  1. Red Li Hing Mui 2.5 oz
  2. Sweet Li Hing Mui 2.25 oz
  3. Sweet Seedless Li Hing Mui (White) 1.25 oz
  4. Red Seedless Li Hing Mui 1.25 oz
  5. Dried Seedless Plum 2.5 oz
  6. Li Hing Mui Mango 4 oz
  7. Lemon Strip 2.5 oz
  8. Li Hing Mui Ginger 2.5 oz
  9. Li Hing Mui Cherry 2.5 oz
  10. Dried Lemon 2.5 oz
  11. Li Hing Mui Peach Strips 2.5 oz
  12. Seedless Li Hing Cherry 2.5 oz

*Items are subject to change based on availability. 


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